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About Us


Advanced Safety is a  engineering distributor for the major suppliers of automatic fire extinguishing/suppression systems,  automatic fire detection/alarm systems and Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.  Our diversity allows for flexibility in system design using the best equipment obtainable for each application. The current administration at Advanced Safety has over 45 years experience in the fire safety business. Our  corporate headquarters is located in Amherst, New York 

We are  recognized as the leading experts in protecting special fire hazards such as computer rooms, telecommunication rooms, sensitive data storage, volatile chemical storage rooms, clean rooms, electronic switch gear rooms and many other special hazards.   Advanced Safety was the first to commercially install the new environmentally clean fire extinguishing agent replacement for Halon 1301, FM-200 in New York State. FM-200?  and FE-227ea? is now widely accepted throughout the world as the preferred clean fire-extinguishing agent. Thousands of these UL Listed and Factory Mutual approved fires extinguishing systems are now installed.

Having the ability to lead the industry through the use of the most up-to-date technology is our trademark. Our Fire Protection Systems are constantly being reappraised and design criteria adjusted as more information is obtained from national and international sources as well as our own testing facilities.

Below is a small list of the Fire Protection Systems, Fire Equipment and Special Services we offer:

    • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems (Wet, Dry, Pre-action, Deluge), Fire Pumps, Fire Hydrants, Standpipe & Hose, Backflow Preventers and Hydro Testing.
    • Engineered and Pre-engineered Fire Extinguishing Systems including FM-200, Halon 1301, CO2, Foam, Dry Chemical, Water Mist and Water Sprinkler.
    • Fire Alarm and Fire Detection Systems
    • Spark Detection Systems & Explosion Suppression Systems
    • Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose, Hydro-testing & Recharging Services.
    • UL Listed Central Station 24-Hour Monitoring.
    • Fire Safety Systems Consulting, Specification Preparation, Engineering and CAD Drawing Service.
    • Employee Training (OSHA) for all types of Fire Protection Systems and Fire Equipment.

Our Service Department is second to none, with our 24 hour 7 days a week work schedule we can provide service to anyone, any where at anytime.  Our technicians are factory certified and many of them maintain a minimum of a NICET Level II certification.  NICET is one of the most complete certifications available today in our industry.  Our service department prides itself with the level of service our customers receive.  In most cases we can have your system up and running within hours not days.  We are licensed in New York State and applicable municipalities to install and service fire protection systems as well as many other states.  Our technical training program is never ending with continuous training from the manufacturers we represent, testing and training at our own facilities and formal classroom instruction. Our technicians are certified to work in nuclear facilities, an indication of the rigorous safety training our technicians receive.

We use AutoCAD to develop CAD drawings for quality and accuracy during installation and servicing. "As built" drawings are kept on file at Advanced Safety for reference, facilitating future additions or servicing needs.

The best Fire Protection Systems combined with comprehensive customer training will assure our customers of emergency preparedness. Training can include both "classroom" and "hands on" with actual demonstrations and audiovisual recording for future changes in personnel. Informational films on various fire protection systems and applications are regularly updated and available for our customers.

We are one of the very few companies in the United States that does not just sell fire protection devices. We are a full service Fire Protection Company providing complete design, manufacturing, installation, fire systems recharging, twenty-four hour service, regular inspection and testing service and comprehensive customer training.

If you require further detailed information or have a fire protection application please don't hesitate to contact us.

In a nutshell...

We like making great products. We intend to push the boundaries of product design as much as we can. We aren't afraid to fail and try again.

We like people. We love helping people learn more about fire protection.

Awesome 24hr service coupled with great product you cant go wrong.



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